Sunday, April 24, 2011

(3) Pickup Truck

This is technically not week three. It's sad, honestly, that I can't keep my word on something so simple as posting music every week. I should try harder.
Well this song is one of my favorites. I listen to the Kings of Leon everytime I turn on my iPod. They are the Kings. Now and forever. You can be expecting to find most of my weekly lyrics from the Kings of Leon. This would be the first.
This song is very mellow and if you hear it enough, it tells a story. Pickup Truck has a different feel in comparison to some of their other songs. It's from their fifth album, Come Around Sundown, and I think the album is wonderful. Some of my favorite songs right now come from this album, Pickup Truck being one of them


Pickup Truck by Kings of Leon
Hate to be so emotional
I didn't aim to get physical
But when he pulled in and revved it up
I said, "You call that a pickup truck?"
And in the moonlight I threw him down
Kicking, screaming and rolling around
A little piece of a bloody tooth
Just so you know I was thinking of you
Just so you know

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