Sunday, January 30, 2011

Half Nelson

So I watched the movie Half Nelson last night, and honestly, there are no words to explain how absolutely beautiful the movie was.
The movie somehow crept into the deepest part of me and played with all sorts of emotions. Dan Dunne (Ryan Gosling), who plays the protagonist, was the character that broke my heart in half. Ryan Gosling plays a middle school teacher who is addicted to heavy drugs, and this conflicts with his life in more ways than one when a student finds out about his secret obssession.
In all honesty, Dan Dunne is the most profound and heart-breaking character that I have ever seen on film. He is so real, despite that he's fictional; I feel like Dan Dunne exists and is walking on this Earth, vulnerable like everyone else. Gosling is absolutely talented and can convince you of his character. He doesn't need to say a word and his eyes can illustrate his emotions. Truly, he is one of the greatest actor of his generation.

I also adored the soundtrack. The music set all the right moods to each and every scene. I have some songs from the soundtrack on my iPod, and listening to that alone can slow my heartbeat. The Broken Social Scene is a Canadian indie band that are featured in the movie's soundtrack and they have become one of my most favorite bands. Some of their songs are largely instrumental, but I think they are the most powerful ones.

This is the most deep and heart-dropping scene from the whole movie. Honestly, there are no words to describe this beautifully crafted film


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