Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've always thought....

... of maybe doing video posts or something. I don't know. Maybe to bring some voice into this blog, literally.
So, my life is not the most interesting thing to be following. It's typically like some other teenage student out there, drowning in schoolwork. I don't want to be ranting in my videos.
That's not fun.
I don't know what I'll be doing. But I think I've got an interesting enough school-life to be talking about. Surrounded by weird teachers and bizarre friends, I'm sure that that will bring up some topics.
THE REASON why I brought this whole "vlogging" thing (vlogging? sounds gross) up in the first place is because I'm hoping to be travelling to Jordan soon for the winter break, and I know I'll be shooting some video footage there. But before I take you to Jordan with ma family yo (?), I won't have a hobby.
I mean a legitimate hobby.
So if you any of you are video blogging (I hate the word vlogging. ew) or are planning to, let me know. I love following people's vidblogs. FO REALLZ (?). And I'd love to hear some tips or anything like that.

PS. I won't be posting these videos on YouTube. There probably going to be here on this blog :)

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