Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I hope there's snow...

It's 10:34 pm and tomorrow, I'm going to Jordan with my family.We've all been pretty excited about it. I mean... we rarely travel during winter breaks and usually travel in the summer.
But not this year.
I'm REALLY looking forward to it because honestly, these past few weeks have been the worst and I'm hoping that with Jordan on my schedule, it can turn things around.
As I'm writing, I hear my younger sister coughing her guts out and I feel pretty bad. Since Winter break has started, which is five days ago, she's been in bed sick. That's the worst timing any bacteria can attack. I mean, right before we travel? Like... RIGHT BEFORE!?

Anyways, I have tons of plans to do there. Wadi Rum, Petra, Dead Sea... are just a couple I hope to see.*
I REALLY hope it snows in Jordan. I mean, I haven't seen real snow for almost 10 years. And I need mah snow yo! (?)
No. Ski Dubai does NOT count

I'm not sure I'll execute, but I'll try to be doing some video blogs while in Jordan because honestly, I think then is the only excitement I'll ever have in a long time. So, better to have it on tape.
I'm also going to take tons of pictures. The most important reason for that is because I have a project for photography class and I'm hoping Jordan might help me :)

Honestly, I just want some snow...

*That sentence rhymed without even trying...

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