Saturday, November 27, 2010

why? oh why?

It's almost 10:40 pm, and I haven't read the history chapter I was assigned yet. I'm on Biology, completing a lab on cell division. Why? I'm thinking to myself. Why the hell would I even need to know that? One of my analysis questions is even asking the same thing.
Question 8) Why might someone be interested in determinging the cell division rate?
Answer: I have no clue.

I found this week to be total shit. Now excuse me. I don't usually swear but I think I might more often as I'm running around in circles, confused with my life.
This is a list to why my week was crap:
1) I had a 40-minute essay to write about, on an essay prompt I had no idea on. It was about feudalism and their economic and political effects on the people. It was terrible. I swear, the teacher might find tear stains on my paper.

2) I found out I nearly failed my history test. Even though he curved the test and it didn't really hurt my grade, it still doesn't feel right. It's gnawing my brain, knowing I was close to failing that foresaken test

3) I was sick. And actually, I still am. It's probably just the change of weather and the stress of this week. But anywho. I hate getting sick

4) I had a HUGE math test. Not only was my health the worst on that particular day, but I don't need some weird egotistic bacteria to make me feel empty-minded. My worst subject this year is Algebra II. I didn't even finish the test. I mean, I know I won't do too well, but I could have at least tried.

5) It's 10:50 right now, and I haven't read and taken notes on 20 pages of history.

What's making me feel really depressed is that I'm a sophomore who is taking AP World History, and I don't have any plans to go to college in America. I'm planning to be an IB Diploma student next year. So that means that this freaking course I'm taking right now, AP World, is not going to matter to me. The credit I earn in this class isn't even going to help me later in university. It's pathetic. It's like I'm going through hell for no reason at all.
And the only thing I can think of right now is: Why? Oh, why?