Thursday, September 9, 2010

well i kinda have this blog...

..and im not doing anything on it. im sorry blog, for absolutely abandoning you for past months.

anyways, just wanted to say hi and bring this blog to life once again (for the fifth time). the reason why i think i've left this one is because i had this old blog (3 years ago kinda old) and this one never matched up to the one i had. i was in seventh grade and the blog was my life. the cool thing about said blog was that it gained SO much popularity in a matter of three months. people from 30 countries would end up finding my blog and that was HUGE for a wee little seventh grader like me. i would hyperlink THIS word, but apparently, the site was suspended. WTF.
so now im making a new one.

i would probably be more active next year. i plan to make this blog as a part of my personal projects at school where i write about global issues, art, and just things im interested in. but i am going to start a habit of just writing onto this blog.

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