Thursday, September 9, 2010

nothin's gonna change my world.....

well, for all The Beatles fans out there, im sure i dont have to tell you that i was just singing a line from across the universe (one of their songs). i think that they're lyrical geniuses and are a group of brilliant--NAY, extraordinary-- guys.
onto my main discussion...
okay, i dont remember when (well actually, it might have been last year) or how i came across the trailer for the 2007 movie Across the Universe. it was all completely by accident. it features Jim Sturgess' breakout role (later, he plays the main role, Ben, in the movie 21).

The movie is set in the mid 1960s about an English shipyard worker named Jude. He travels to the US and finds himself friends with a rebellious Princeton soon-to-be dropout, Max. Through this friendship, Jude meets Max's sister, Lucy, and ends up falling in love with her. The three of them goes to New York, and along with other people they'll soon to meet, they face the hardships of change, the war in Vietnam, and relationships between each other.

OH! and did i mention it's a musical featuring covers of many of The Beatles' songs? it's pretty damn awesome. why do you think the main character is named "Jude" (this is an allusion to the song Hey Jude). I don't understand why when people do covers, people feel like "OH NO! THIS CRAP CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" well, ehhemm, these songs aren't untouchable. i bet most singers feel flattered when some other artist are covering their songs.

anways, now that i've introduced you to this movie (if you haven't already seen it), i want to invite you on a quest. im searching for the perfect site to watch this movie on. the only site i know is Megavideo. and you know how megavideo only lets you watch 72 minutes? well, this movie is well over two hours. so imagine loading the movie, being cut from it, then waiting 54 f*cking minutes, and reloading it again to where i left it, blah blah blah..... ITS FREAKIN MADNESS.

i'm obssesed with trying to find a good site. i really want to watch this movie. AND NO! there isnt a good video rental spot in my area--no, wait-- my geographic region. i never have the time to watch it all on megavideo. i've watched a little over half of the movie.
if there's anyone out there in this world with a kind and daring heart, you would embark on this journey with me.

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