Friday, September 10, 2010

11:53 PM

hey there :)
its 11:54 PM (but i wrote the title a minute before). i'm supposed to be doing some english homework about patterns seen in Lord of The Flies. i've done EXACTLY the same homework material for the past four chapters, and i dont see why in the world we'd have to make another. YES ms. english teacher, i am now more aware of patterns in books-- YOU TAUGHT ME WELL :|
i was supposed to be finished with this homework three hours ago, but i decided to write in on my computer. and what a stupid mistake that was. one word. DISTRACTION.
12:00 AM
i just wanted to write 12:00 AM in fancy italicized writing in an applicable situation.
my work here is done. off to do some REAL homework (with this cue, i publish post, and go straight back to procrastinating)

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