Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't Stop the Pop 2010

So, I was kind of obssessed with last year's Blame it on the Pop 2009 Remix of last year's Billboard's Top 25 songs made by DJ Earworm. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of DJs but I gotta say he's got some serious skill.
This is the 2010 Remix.
Just to get you excited, Justin Bieber is not on this list, which honestly surprised me.
I feel sorry for her.

Personally, I like last year's version because there was more variety in the artists and genres. I can tell that in this year's remix, they didnt do a great job of distributing the songs equally. But whatever
I still give the guy props :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I hope there's snow...

It's 10:34 pm and tomorrow, I'm going to Jordan with my family.We've all been pretty excited about it. I mean... we rarely travel during winter breaks and usually travel in the summer.
But not this year.
I'm REALLY looking forward to it because honestly, these past few weeks have been the worst and I'm hoping that with Jordan on my schedule, it can turn things around.
As I'm writing, I hear my younger sister coughing her guts out and I feel pretty bad. Since Winter break has started, which is five days ago, she's been in bed sick. That's the worst timing any bacteria can attack. I mean, right before we travel? Like... RIGHT BEFORE!?

Anyways, I have tons of plans to do there. Wadi Rum, Petra, Dead Sea... are just a couple I hope to see.*
I REALLY hope it snows in Jordan. I mean, I haven't seen real snow for almost 10 years. And I need mah snow yo! (?)
No. Ski Dubai does NOT count

I'm not sure I'll execute, but I'll try to be doing some video blogs while in Jordan because honestly, I think then is the only excitement I'll ever have in a long time. So, better to have it on tape.
I'm also going to take tons of pictures. The most important reason for that is because I have a project for photography class and I'm hoping Jordan might help me :)

Honestly, I just want some snow...

*That sentence rhymed without even trying...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In The Spirit of Aslan

So, The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (aka Narnia 3) had its world premiere in London yesterday.
I am absolutely in love with Narnia. It's magical, adventurous, and everything that's good in life.
If Narnia was put into Algebraic terms, it would look like this:
Harry Potter < Narnia
Twilight isn't even in this equation.
The reason why I'm really excited is because it officially came out in the UK, it's coming out here in the Middle East soon. I don't know when. But soon. Hopefully.

So in the spirit of Aslan and Narnia, here's a song and footage of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.
PLUS, I love Regina Spektor

I've always thought....

... of maybe doing video posts or something. I don't know. Maybe to bring some voice into this blog, literally.
So, my life is not the most interesting thing to be following. It's typically like some other teenage student out there, drowning in schoolwork. I don't want to be ranting in my videos.
That's not fun.
I don't know what I'll be doing. But I think I've got an interesting enough school-life to be talking about. Surrounded by weird teachers and bizarre friends, I'm sure that that will bring up some topics.
THE REASON why I brought this whole "vlogging" thing (vlogging? sounds gross) up in the first place is because I'm hoping to be travelling to Jordan soon for the winter break, and I know I'll be shooting some video footage there. But before I take you to Jordan with ma family yo (?), I won't have a hobby.
I mean a legitimate hobby.
So if you any of you are video blogging (I hate the word vlogging. ew) or are planning to, let me know. I love following people's vidblogs. FO REALLZ (?). And I'd love to hear some tips or anything like that.

PS. I won't be posting these videos on YouTube. There probably going to be here on this blog :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

why? oh why?

It's almost 10:40 pm, and I haven't read the history chapter I was assigned yet. I'm on Biology, completing a lab on cell division. Why? I'm thinking to myself. Why the hell would I even need to know that? One of my analysis questions is even asking the same thing.
Question 8) Why might someone be interested in determinging the cell division rate?
Answer: I have no clue.

I found this week to be total shit. Now excuse me. I don't usually swear but I think I might more often as I'm running around in circles, confused with my life.
This is a list to why my week was crap:
1) I had a 40-minute essay to write about, on an essay prompt I had no idea on. It was about feudalism and their economic and political effects on the people. It was terrible. I swear, the teacher might find tear stains on my paper.

2) I found out I nearly failed my history test. Even though he curved the test and it didn't really hurt my grade, it still doesn't feel right. It's gnawing my brain, knowing I was close to failing that foresaken test

3) I was sick. And actually, I still am. It's probably just the change of weather and the stress of this week. But anywho. I hate getting sick

4) I had a HUGE math test. Not only was my health the worst on that particular day, but I don't need some weird egotistic bacteria to make me feel empty-minded. My worst subject this year is Algebra II. I didn't even finish the test. I mean, I know I won't do too well, but I could have at least tried.

5) It's 10:50 right now, and I haven't read and taken notes on 20 pages of history.

What's making me feel really depressed is that I'm a sophomore who is taking AP World History, and I don't have any plans to go to college in America. I'm planning to be an IB Diploma student next year. So that means that this freaking course I'm taking right now, AP World, is not going to matter to me. The credit I earn in this class isn't even going to help me later in university. It's pathetic. It's like I'm going through hell for no reason at all.
And the only thing I can think of right now is: Why? Oh, why?

Friday, October 29, 2010

RE: nothing's gonna change my world

i'm borrowing someone's DVD of Across the Universe, and I'm watching it ASAP.
thats one thing off my bucket list

Friday, September 10, 2010

11:53 PM

hey there :)
its 11:54 PM (but i wrote the title a minute before). i'm supposed to be doing some english homework about patterns seen in Lord of The Flies. i've done EXACTLY the same homework material for the past four chapters, and i dont see why in the world we'd have to make another. YES ms. english teacher, i am now more aware of patterns in books-- YOU TAUGHT ME WELL :|
i was supposed to be finished with this homework three hours ago, but i decided to write in on my computer. and what a stupid mistake that was. one word. DISTRACTION.
12:00 AM
i just wanted to write 12:00 AM in fancy italicized writing in an applicable situation.
my work here is done. off to do some REAL homework (with this cue, i publish post, and go straight back to procrastinating)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

nothin's gonna change my world.....

well, for all The Beatles fans out there, im sure i dont have to tell you that i was just singing a line from across the universe (one of their songs). i think that they're lyrical geniuses and are a group of brilliant--NAY, extraordinary-- guys.
onto my main discussion...
okay, i dont remember when (well actually, it might have been last year) or how i came across the trailer for the 2007 movie Across the Universe. it was all completely by accident. it features Jim Sturgess' breakout role (later, he plays the main role, Ben, in the movie 21).

The movie is set in the mid 1960s about an English shipyard worker named Jude. He travels to the US and finds himself friends with a rebellious Princeton soon-to-be dropout, Max. Through this friendship, Jude meets Max's sister, Lucy, and ends up falling in love with her. The three of them goes to New York, and along with other people they'll soon to meet, they face the hardships of change, the war in Vietnam, and relationships between each other.

OH! and did i mention it's a musical featuring covers of many of The Beatles' songs? it's pretty damn awesome. why do you think the main character is named "Jude" (this is an allusion to the song Hey Jude). I don't understand why when people do covers, people feel like "OH NO! THIS CRAP CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" well, ehhemm, these songs aren't untouchable. i bet most singers feel flattered when some other artist are covering their songs.

anways, now that i've introduced you to this movie (if you haven't already seen it), i want to invite you on a quest. im searching for the perfect site to watch this movie on. the only site i know is Megavideo. and you know how megavideo only lets you watch 72 minutes? well, this movie is well over two hours. so imagine loading the movie, being cut from it, then waiting 54 f*cking minutes, and reloading it again to where i left it, blah blah blah..... ITS FREAKIN MADNESS.

i'm obssesed with trying to find a good site. i really want to watch this movie. AND NO! there isnt a good video rental spot in my area--no, wait-- my geographic region. i never have the time to watch it all on megavideo. i've watched a little over half of the movie.
if there's anyone out there in this world with a kind and daring heart, you would embark on this journey with me.

weirdonenessify *thumbs up*

i have my own youtube channel that is sadly lacking in videos, apparently. BUT im working with a hilarious and most insane group of people on weirdonenessify. we're just a group of friends that have absolutely nothing to do during eight period at school. we are an entourage of four (thats so cool to say. ENTOURAGE)
see for yourself...

we plan to do this every week (or hope to do this). if this post wasnt obvious enough, im telling you to subscribe s'il vous plait. yes, they're pretty insane, but they'll be doing and saying things that seem so scripted, where in fact, its absolutely NOT.

well i kinda have this blog...

..and im not doing anything on it. im sorry blog, for absolutely abandoning you for past months.

anyways, just wanted to say hi and bring this blog to life once again (for the fifth time). the reason why i think i've left this one is because i had this old blog (3 years ago kinda old) and this one never matched up to the one i had. i was in seventh grade and the blog was my life. the cool thing about said blog was that it gained SO much popularity in a matter of three months. people from 30 countries would end up finding my blog and that was HUGE for a wee little seventh grader like me. i would hyperlink THIS word, but apparently, the site was suspended. WTF.
so now im making a new one.

i would probably be more active next year. i plan to make this blog as a part of my personal projects at school where i write about global issues, art, and just things im interested in. but i am going to start a habit of just writing onto this blog.